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Fresh meat, chilled or frozen

Fresh meat, chilled or frozen

Origin statement on meat - New Zealand lamb

The FIC requires that an origin statement be given for fresh, chilled and frozen meat of pigs, sheep, goats and poultry when they are sold as such. Beef sold in these forms is also required to be marked with an origin statement, but under separate EU-wide specific beef labelling rules.

An Implementing Act gives further details on the application of this requirement and in particular on traceability and on exactly what should comprise the label indication in terms of the places of birth, rearing and slaughter of the animal.


The requirement is that the meat in question must be marked with a Member State or third country of rearing (with additional rules for when rearing has taken place in more than one country), a Member State or third country of slaughter and a batch code identifying the meat. The requirement is varied in the following circumstances:

  • Where meat has been obtained from animals born, reared and slaughtered in the same country, the 'reared in...' and 'slaughtered in...' statements may be replaced by a single 'Origin...' statement.
  • Where several pieces of meat which would require different indications are packed together, all the Member States or third countries of origin must be listed, along with the batch code identifying the meat.
  • Where, for meat imported from third countries, the place of rearing is unknown, the indication 'Reared in: non-EU' may be combined with a specific 'Slaughtered in...' statement.

Minced meat and trimmings (as defined) must also be marked with a batch code, but may be marked with less specific 'reared in...' and 'slaughtered in...' indications identifying only the 'EU' or 'non-EU'.


The requirement is for a system which ensures a link between the meat and the animal or group of animals from which it was derived, and ensures the transmission of the origin information with the meat along the supply chain. The system should record the arrival at and departure from establishments of animals, carcases and cuts along the supply chain.

The business making up packs for the consumer or caterer must correlate the batch codes applied to these with those of their incoming meat. All packs with the same batch code must have the same origin indications.

Date of application

These provisions apply from 1 April 2015.