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Additional mandatory particulars

Additional mandatory particulars

Label showing product name incorporating words 'with sweetener' or 'with sugar and sweetener' (e.g. sugar free squash or carbonated soft drink) and/or label showing 'packaged in a protective atmosphere'.

Certain types of food must be marked with additional particulars. These inform the consumer about the state or composition of particular foods, or give cautionary advice where consuming the food could have consequences for people's well-being.

In some cases, the position of the extra particulars on the label is specified, but the minimum font size provisions don't apply. Additional particulars are:

  • Where special gases have been used during packing to extend shelf life, 'packaged in a protective atmosphere' is required.
  • Where sweetener additives have been used, their presence must be indicated in general terms with the name of the food.
  • Where aspartame has been used it must be referred to by name on the label along with a reference to its component, phenylalanine.
  • Where polyols are present by addition at greater than 10%, 'excessive consumption may produce laxative effects' is required.
  • Confectionery or beverages containing glycyrrhizinic acid (due to its addition or the inclusion of liquorice) may, depending on the level, need to be marked with 'contains liquorice'. This may be followed by 'people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption'. These statements must be after the ingredients list or, in the absence of a list, with the food's name.
  • Beverages with high caffeine, or solid foods with added caffeine, may need to be marked with the level of caffeine and to indicate unsuitability for children or pregnant or breast-feeding women. These statements must be in the same field of vision as the food's name.
  • When phytosterols or phytostanols or their esters have been added to foods, they need to be marked to make this addition clear, to indicate that they are not intended for people with no need to control their blood cholesterol, and to give dosage and associated dietary advice.
  • Frozen meat, meat preparations and unprocessed fishery products must be marked with a date of freezing.