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Alcoholic drinks and non-prepacked foods

Alcoholic drinks and non-prepacked foods

Beer label

Businesses may provide, on a voluntary basis, nutrition information for alcoholic beverages and non-prepacked foods. The EU FIC provides for limited elements of the nutrition declaration to be declared for such products.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks containing more than 1-2% by volume of alcohol (ABV) are exempt from mandatory nutrition labelling pending a European Commission report on labelling of alcohol.

A voluntary energy (kJ and kcal) declaration alone may be made on alcoholic drinks on a per 100ml basis. The information may additionally be given per glass (i.e. per portion). Alternatively, a full nutrition declaration on a voluntary basis may be given per 100ml and can additionally be given per portion. There is no requirement to meet the specific minimum font size nor to use the tabular format.

Non-prepacked food

Nutrition information is not required to be provided for food sold non-prepacked. However, if it is provided voluntarily it can comprise the energy value alone or the energy value and the amounts of fat, saturates, sugars and salt (energy+4), or, of course, the full mandatory seven (energy+6).

When the information comprises energy value alone or energy+4, it may be provided per 100g or 100ml only, per 100g or 100ml and per portion or consumption unit, or per portion and/or per consumption unit only.

For information on energy+4 per portion and/or consumption unit alone, there is no requirement to express the energy both per 100g or 100ml and per portion, as would be the case for 'front of pack' labels.

There is no requirement for nutrition labelling for non-prepacked food to meet the specific minimum font size. It does not have to appear in the tabular format nor in a specific place.