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Repetition on front of pack

Repetition on front of pack

Burger label

The energy value and amounts of certain nutrients may be voluntarily repeated. This highlights nutrition information of importance to public health and helps consumers make healthier food choices.

What can be repeated?

Energy and certain nutrients in the mandatory nutrition declaration may be repeated in the 'principal field of vision'. Declaration options are:

  • Energy (kJ and kcal) alone or
  • Energy (kJ and kcal) and fat, saturates, sugars and salt (Energy+4)

Forms of expression

The voluntary declaration may be presented per 100g or 100ml only or per 100g or 100ml plus per portion and/or consumption unit. If information on energy+4 is presented, the amounts of the four nutrients can be given per portion and/or consumption unit only, but the energy value must be expressed both per 100g or 100ml and per portion and/or consumption unit.

The portion and/or consumption unit must be quantified in close proximity to the nutrition declaration.

Format and positioning

Voluntarily repeated nutrition information must appear in the principal field of vision. This is the part of a package most likely to be seen at a first glance by the consumer at the time of purchase. The consumer will be able to immediately identify a product in terms of its character or nature and its brand name (if applicable). In practice, this may be the front of the pack.

The minimum font size requirement of 1.2 mm x-height applies and it appears from the drafting of the FIC that this minimum size applies to this declaration even when a pack's largest surface is less than 80cm2, which triggers a general reduction in minimum font size to 0.9mm x-height.