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Supplementary nutrients

Supplementary nutrients

Nutrition table

Additional 'supplementary' nutrients may be included in the nutrition declaration. There are special provisions with regard to vitamins and minerals. No nutrients other than those listed may be declared in the nutrition declaration.

Supplementary nutrients

The mandatory nutrition declaration may be supplemented with information on: mono-unsaturates, polyunsaturates, polyols, starch, fibre and any of the listed vitamins and minerals present in significant amounts. If a nutrition or health claim regarding any of the supplementary nutrients is made, the nutrient must be included.

Special conditions for vitamins

For vitamins and minerals a 'significant amount' means:

  • 15% of the nutrient reference values (NRVs) per 100g or 100ml for products other than beverages
  • 7.5% of the NRVs per 100ml for beverages
  • 15% of the NRVs if the package contains only a single portion

Forms of expression

Supplementary nutrients, if declared, must be presented per 100g or 100ml and may also be declared per portion and/or per consumption unit. Vitamin and mineral values must also be given as percentage NRVs (or reference intakes) per 100g/100ml.

Format and positioning

Any supplementary nutrients must be presented with the mandatory seven in the same nutrition table, together in a clear format, and in the following order:

Energy kJ and kcal
Fat g
of which:

Carbohydrate g
of which:

Fibre g
Protein g
Salt g
Vitamins and minerals Specified units

Other nutrients

No other nutrient may be included in the nutrition declaration. However, if a nutrition or health claim is made for a substance not in either list, e.g. omega-3, the amount must appear in the same field of vision as the nutrition declaration.