Food labelling e-learning course
The basic declaration

The basic declaration

Nutrition table

The mandatory nutrition declaration must be clearly presented in a specific format and give values for energy and six nutrients. The values must be given in the units indicated below (including both kJ and kcal for energy) per 100g/ml, and the nutrition declaration must meet the minimum font size requirements.

The mandatory seven

The mandatory nutrition declaration is:

Energy kJ and kcal
Fat g
of which:
Carbohydrate g
of which:
Protein g
Salt g

Salt is calculated by determining the total sodium (naturally occurring and that deriving from added salt and sodium-based additives, for example some raising agents) and multiplying by 2.5. A statement indicating that the salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium may appear in close proximity to the nutrition declaration.

Forms of expression

The amounts of the mandatory seven must be expressed per 100g or 100ml. In addition, they may be expressed per portion and/or per consumption unit, which must be easily recognisable by the consumer. The portion or unit used must be quantified on the label in close proximity to the nutrition declaration, and the number of portions or units contained in the package must also be stated.

The mandatory seven may also be expressed as a percentage of the established reference intakes per 100g or per 100ml and/or per portion and/or per consumption unit. Where % RI information is provided per 100g or per 100ml, the statement 'Reference Intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)' must appear in close proximity.

Format and positioning

Mandatory nutrition information must appear on the package or on a label attached to the package. Unless space does not permit, it must be presented in tabular format with the numbers aligned, rather than in linear format. The mandatory nutrition declaration must appear on a package or label in characters using a font size where the x-height is a minimum of 1.2 mm.

If the largest surface area of a package or container has an area of less than 80cm2, then the minimum 'x-height' is 0.9 mm. If the largest surface area of a package is less than 25cm2, then the product is exempt from nutrition labelling.