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Storage conditions and instructions for use

Storage conditions and instructions for use

Food label with microwave cooking instructions

In all cases where prepacked foods need to be stored or used in a particular way, this should be indicated on their labelling. This includes the giving of post-opening storage instructions and a time limit for consumption where appropriate.

Storage conditions

Storage instructions for the unopened food are an absolute requirement for foods marked with a use by date, to enable the food to achieve the stated date in a safe condition. There are no further stipulations regarding the detailed content of the instructions but, when followed, they must ensure that the food is safe to eat up to the end of its stated life. For foods marked with a best before date, storage instructions should be given for the unopened food if any particular storage conditions need to be employed for the food to retain its specific properties until the stated date.

Instructions for use

Where it would otherwise be difficult for consumers or caterers to make appropriate use of a food, instructions for use should be given.

Manner of giving instructions

Words and numbers must primarily be used for imparting storage and use instructions, but these can be augmented by pictures and symbols, such as depictions of ovens, rising steam, ice crystals etc.