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Interactive label

Interactive label

Most prepacked food products must be marked with a net weight or volume, using appropriate metric units. Most prepacked food products also need an appropriate durability indication coupled with any storage instructions necessary for the durability to be achieved. For the opened food, instructions for use may be required and altered storage and durability information may need to be given. Some products also need a date of freezing.

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A food label for a Frozen Whole Chicken


Appropriate metric units for the mass of the product

Best before end 01 2016

'Best before end' should be used when date gives no indication of the day. The date should be given as month followed by year but the legislation does not prescribe further: month names, abbreviations or numbers may be used as long as the date is clear.

Keep frozen

Any particular storage instructions enabling the durability date to be achieved must be given. Symbols can be used to reinforce the message but cannot replace completely words and numbers for delivering mandatory information

Once opened use immediately without washing

Any appropriate instructions for use should be given and should make reference to the product once opened if opening alters the durability and/or required storage conditions

Frozen on: see base of tray

Prepacked frozen meat, frozen meat preparations and frozen unprocessed fishery products should be marked with a date of freezing, using the words 'Frozen on'. The actual date can be elsewhere on the pack at a location signposted to after the words 'Frozen on'. Best before (end) and use by dates can also be given remotely at signposted locations.