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Subject matter and scope

Subject matter and scope

Snapshot of FIC title as laid out in Official Journal

The EU Food Information to Consumers Regulation or 'FIC' specifies the content of food information and how it is provided to consumers and caterers.

'Food information' doesn't only cover information provided by labelling. It also includes information made available in other ways, such as through electronic networks or verbal communication.

The specific food information rules apply to food in the final state in which it is supplied to the caterer or to the final consumer. However, the FIC places a responsibility on all businesses in the supply chain to pass on food information. This means the final food products can be provided to caterers and consumers with the correct information.

The requirement to provide information applies to catering as well as non-catering sales to consumers. It also applies to catering services provided by transport undertaking as long as they are departing from within the EU.

With one exception, the specific rules apply only to foods presented to caterers or consumers in prepacked form. EU member states can decide individually what information should be provided with food sold loose or prepacked for direct sale in their territories. The exception is that allergen information must be provided with such food, although how to do this is for individual member states to decide.

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